Teachers Training Program

Knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient. The well-educated person is a well-developed person Who knows how to live a healthy life in every aspect of human existence – a well-developed personality.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

About ETTI

The Elements Teachers Training Institute is an initiative founded by alumni of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and is closely affiliated with the Elements Kids Montessori network of schools. Our primary goal is to deliver comprehensive Montessori education training in line with global standards. Our commitment is to equip our students with the essential abilities to make a positive impact on the young minds they influence. Established in 2022, our driving forces are a deep-seated passion for transformation and a strong sense of social responsibility to enhance lives.

Our Vision

We aspire to become an institution that shines as a guiding light for significant improvements in the existing education system. Our focus is on employing specialized training techniques aimed at enhancing the global community.

Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to contributing to society by fostering meaningful transformations within the education system. We achieve this by nurturing individuals who are unwavering in their pursuit of excellence in Early Childhood Education. Our goal is to instill the attitudes, values, and vision necessary to equip our students for a lifelong journey of ongoing learning and leadership in their teaching careers. This is accomplished through:

How does the Course Work?

The Montessori Teacher Training program assists individuals in effectively educating and nurturing children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 years. 

Our course combines the convenience of online learning with hands-on classroom instruction for practical application. The online component of our course covers theoretical lessons, while practical sessions take place at the Elements Kids training center.

Key Points:

Application Process

Contact Us:

Email: etti@elementskids.com

Call: 8904701658

Common FAQ’s

People who are interested in earning a Montessori teacher teaching certification in a convenient, and user-friendly manner. The course has been designed to meet the needs of:

· Parents conscious of introducing their children to the process of learning in the best possible manner,

· Administrators of Montessori Houses of Children,

· People interested in learning about the Montessori Method

· Individuals who wish to pursue a career in Montessori education

Anyone who has passed out 10+2 from a recognized institution can opt for our diploma programs. But we insist you be a graduate or in the final year of graduation. This assures your placement in renowned K12 schools and esteemed institutions as Graduation is a basic qualification for the teachers in these institutions.

Our Pre-Primary Montessori Teaching course is completed within 20 weeks. Theory Sessions (Online): 8 hours per week; Practical Sessions (Offline): 2 hours per week

The course contains seven modules-

MODULE 1: Montessori Philosophy and Different Methods of Education (Theory)

MODULE 2: Exercises of Practical Life (Theory and Practical)

MODULE 3: Sensorial (Theory and Practical)

MODULE 4: Language (Basic & Advanced) (Theory and Practical)

MODULE 5: Math (Basic & Advanced) (Theory and Practical)

MODULE 6: Culture, Science, Social (Theory and Practical)

MODULE 7: Handling a Classroom – The Practical Approach (Theory)

Following every module, there are obligatory assignments that must be fulfilled. At the conclusion of the course, both theoretical and practical assessments are carried out. In the authentic Montessori tradition, ETTI takes pride in the fact that committed and driven learners always succeed.

The Center Director/Trainer will be the primary evaluator. This provides consistency, a balanced perspective, and allows you to establish a personal rapport. Your trainer will commit to your success by offering continuous guidance and encouragement

All submissions have their prescribed schedules that must be adhered to. However, the Center Director / Trainer of the program will consider extensions on an individual basis for students in extreme distress

To become an exemplary early childhood educator, attending regular theory and practical sessions of the diploma is necessary. We provide hybrid learning wherein students are partially exposed to virtual sessions from experts from across the world. However, attendance in practical sessions is a must to provide our students with valuable and credible practical experience as well as important networking.

Yes, we believe that practical training backed by a strong theoretical background is always beneficial. Hence, we conduct regular practical training sessions in the classroom for the students to get good confidence. We recommend that our students undergo extensive internship programs to get hands-on training in a regular classroom.

  • Upon successful course completion, you will receive both a mark sheet and a certificate for the Teacher Training program. The term “online” will not appear on the mark sheet or certificate.
  • This certification serves as an opportunity for our candidates to gain entry into schools affiliated with State / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB boards, both in India and abroad. Job opportunities for our Montessori Course-certified candidates are particularly promising in kindergartens, pre-schools, daycares, activity clubs, and toy libraries.

It takes around 7 to 10 working days to get the duly signed and stamped certificate and marksheet from the program completion date.